About Us

What is Dopex Design?

Dopex Design (DXD) is a brand that loves art, reality, individuality and also originality. With all these factors and elements, DXD combines and merges these and creates, what may be inspiring and at the same time relatable to individuals, thoughts, reactions and personal sayings onto apparels. 

What we do

We create apparels for individuals that can "Speak without saying a word". Either its suppressed words, motivational sayings, cultural respect, deep reminders of fighting for things that matter, universal beliefs or simple words that reflects ones mood.

Our goal

we, DXD want our apparels to look dope and at the same time to be meaningful. We want it to inspire and change the views and attitudes of people around the world.

What is X in Dope-x?

'X' to us all maybe is a letter, a symbol or an number, but to DXD, 'X' is a variable of unlimited possibilities! Just like our designs and ideas.